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Application Of NACO Service
Aug 08, 2017

Shipbuilding and petroleum industry

      The development of global shipping and gas energy industry is rapid. In consideration of the harsh environment, NACO is committed to creating value preferentially and meanwhile provide systematic ,efficient and reliable solutions for customers.

NACO is equipped with world-advanced full set of production technology and is devoted to benifiting the shipping, oil and gas industry with professional solutions of instrument piping, measurement piping under high temperature, high pressure and high corrosive environment.

Nuclear power and electric power industry

      It is of great urgency to develop clean energy under the trend of global air quality becoming worse and worse. With so many advantages for energy saving, environmental protection and 

sustainable development, nuclear is rapidly developed by many countries.

      Naco products strictly conform to foreign and domestic standards. For example American-Standard ANSI/ASME, German standard DIN, British standard BS, Japanese standard JIS, National standard GB and Shipping standard CB etc. While providing product safety guarantee for our customers, Naco shall maximize customer value at the same time. Meanwhile according to customer's specific questions, NACO will provide professional solutions for the customers.

Chemistry and metallurgy industry

The chemical industry is penetrated into many aspects. It is an important constituent part of national economy which requires sustainable development in order to promote the development of human economy and society.

      NACO is able to nourish munufacturers in chemistry and matellurgy industry with advanced , systematic ,efficient and reliable solutions. NACO has a complete set of production equipment, and also has a full set of production technology, such as product selection design, development and manufacturing, material molded forging, CNC precision machining , metal surface treatment, comprehensive testing of finished products. We also provide all kinds of professional customized service to our customers and offer professional solutions under the high temperature, high pressure and high corrosive environment.

      You can contact us if you have any requirements!