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Check Valve Further Improve The Reliability
Aug 09, 2017

Check Valve Further improve the reliability

With the continuous improvement of electronic products, especially the further improvement of reliability, making the 1990s, foreign electric actuator has produced a qualitative leap, check valve is the industrial automation process control in the important implementation of the unit instrument. Now the field of automation is getting higher and higher, is being more and more applications in a variety of industrial production areas. Compared with the traditional pneumatic control valve has obvious advantages: check valve energy saving (only when the work of electricity consumption), environmental protection (no carbon emissions), quick and easy installation (no need for complex pneumatic and air pump workstations).

Check valve is a kind of temperature control valve, in addition to electric temperature control valve, self-type temperature control valve, Honeywell temperature control valve. Check valve is widely used, not only for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, bathing and other control systems, can also be used in petrochemical, metallurgical, power, light industry, textile and other industries in the production process, the obvious advantages, Trustworthy.

(1) with the power supply is both convenient and economical, eliminating the need to establish a series of gas source station costs;

(2) With the "pneumatic valve + electric valve positioner + gas source" in a complex way, it is not only an increase in costs, but has brought a decline in reliability (more links, the reliability of poor factors);

(3) from the economic point of view, in addition to save the cost of gas stations, but also eliminates the cost of electric valve positioner: now a good import of electrical valve positioner, usually more than 5000-6000 yuan, more Good in the 8000 ~ 10000 price, and this price is basically the purchase of the above-mentioned highly reliable electronic implementing agencies;

The development direction of the check valve

   Computer science, control theory and automation instruments and other high-tech development of the technology to promote the development of the valve. The development of the control valve also promotes the development of other science and technology, with the check valve open, intelligent and reliable, it will work with other industrial automation instruments and computer control devices to make the industrial production process control function more perfect, control Higher precision, more obvious control effect, and play a more important role for China's modernization.

The history of the check valve can be traced back to the earliest self-regulating valve, the most primitive structure is a hammer with a ball valve, the use of heavy hammer balance valve to be used to adjust the fluid. This control valve later evolved into a self-operated check valve that was adjusted with the pressure behind the valve.