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Check Valve Valve Market Distribution
Jul 27, 2017

Check Valve Valve market distribution

For the distribution of the valve market, mainly based on the construction of the project, the valve is the largest petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction sector. Petrochemical industry mainly uses API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve; power sector mainly uses the power station with high temperature pressure valve, globe valve, check valve and safety valve and part of the drain valve low pressure butterfly valve, gate valve; chemical industry mainly uses Stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve; metallurgical industry mainly use low-pressure large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen valve and oxygen ball valve; urban construction departments mainly use low pressure valves, such as urban water pipes mainly use large diameter gate valve, Butterfly valve, urban heating mainly used metal sealing butterfly valve; oil pipeline mainly uses flat gate valve and ball valve; pharmaceutical industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve; food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve and so on.

On the valve product market trends, according to analysis, in the next period of time the main trends are as follows:

1. With the oil development to the mainland oil and offshore oil field transfer, and the power industry from 300,000 kilowatts of thermal power to more than 300,000 kilowatts of thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, valve products should also be based on changes in equipment applications corresponding to change its Performance and parameters.

2. Urban construction systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valves, and to the environment-friendly and energy-efficient development, that is, from the past use of low-pressure iron gate valve gradually turned to environmentally friendly rubber plate valve, balance valve, metal seal butterfly valve and midline seal butterfly valve transition. Oil, gas engineering to the direction of pipeline development, which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve.

3. The other side of energy development is energy saving, so from the perspective of energy conservation, to develop steam traps, and to subcritical and supercritical high-parameter development.

4. Power station construction to large-scale development, so the need for large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, but also need to quickly open and close the valve.

5. Complete sets of engineering needs, the valve supply from a single variety to multi-species and multi-standard development. A project required by the valve, by a valve manufacturer to provide all the increasing trend.

Present Situation Analysis and Development Prospect of Drain Valve Industry in China

 Infrastructure construction is the focus of China's economic construction, water supply and drainage works, especially the large-scale sewage treatment works, including pipelines, valves, water treatment equipment manufacturing industry has formed a strong water industry. For the development of the valve industry, provides a good opportunity. China has entered the WTO, the global demand for about 300 million tons of valves. We should make full use of the advantages of the valve industry as labor-intensive, poor working conditions, low per capita wage in our country, and the transfer of developed countries to developing countries, and actively move towards the platform of the world economy. Summarize the present situation and development of water supply and drainage valve.

The current situation

There are about 3,000 the size of the valve factory, of which 600 in Wenzhou, Zhengzhou, nearly 200, more than 150 in Shanghai, Liaoning, 250, Jiangsu, Fujian, more than 200, despite good and bad, but the product variety has reached more than 3,000 models , Nearly 30,000 specifications. In the multi-species, sealing performance, strength requirements, regulatory function, performance and flow performance, especially the sealing performance, have made great progress, back ten years ago, the authority of the Urban Water Supply Association has a saying " Nine leak ", although some exaggeration, but it is true. The same time as

Caused by the valve industry, many of the problems are mainly after the reform and opening up, the rapid expansion of the market, and the original state-owned valve companies have shut down and turn, the original level of machinery industry is not high, so township enterprises (private enterprises), mushroomed , The starting point is low, the technical strength is very weak, the equipment is simple, most of the products are imitation of production, coupled with market chaos, especially for the drainage of low-pressure valve, the problem is serious. Over the past decade, driven by a small number of enterprises in the valve, there are obvious progress, and some varieties even reached the international advanced level, there are many enterprises to start the second business. But on the whole, the gap is still great, there is a lot of work to do. To this end, respectively, in 2010, 2020 technological progress, development planning has a very important significance.