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Valves The Localization Of The Industry
Oct 26, 2017

Valves The localization of the industry

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, in the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments of the country to "strive for the progressive realization of major equipment valve localization plan", which proposed to achieve million kilowatt-class nuclear power plant key valves, million tons of large-scale ethylene complete sets of equipment, etc. The Through the introduction of key technologies and independent development, and in the regulations and policies to give concessions. To the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of the valve products in the large-scale ethylene special valve on the localization rate of 95-100%; coal chemical special valve is the key to high temperature hydrogenation to solve the material seal, and some control drive device also reached 90 %; Ultra-supercritical thermal power plant technology, the proportion of domestic valve to reach 80% -100%; valve industry made a gratifying progress.

Investment experts in the "2017 - 2021 China Valve Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" data show that: "Twelve Five" period, China 's valve industry has made considerable progress. In 2015, there were 1806 enterprises with above-scale enterprises (enterprises with annual sales income of more than 20 million yuan). The total assets of 19.48 billion yuan, an increase of 2.01%; production of 994.11 million tons of valves, an increase of 1.32%; to achieve the main business income of 256.6 billion yuan, an increase of -0.47%; total profit of 17.2 billion yuan, an increase of -5.78% Profit margin of 6.7%; valve product price index 98.5%; completed export delivery value of 34.4 billion yuan, an increase of -8.58%.

Through the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption and self-development, as well as technological transformation, the industry generally improved product development, design and manufacturing level. At present already have produced more than 3,000 models, more than 40,000 specifications of the valve products. Parameter range: Nominal size from DN3 to 8000mm; pressure from vacuum to 600MPa; temperature from cryogenic -196 ℃ to high temperature 1200 ℃; varieties include gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm Return valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, trap and regulating valve, a total of twelve major categories. The overall level has reached the international level of developed countries, a few products have reached or close to the international advanced level. The test methods and test conditions of conventional valves are available. The test rigs of individual special valves, such as high temperature test, ultra-low temperature test and safety valve full performance test bench (steam displacement 660T / h) of nuclear power plant, have also been completed.

After the introduction of digestion and absorption technology and independent research and development, especially after the "second Five-Year" period carried out ultra-supercritical thermal power valve localization research, China's thermal power valve manufacturing level and product quality has been greatly improved for the supercritical And ultra-supercritical thermal power units provide a large number of key valves.

At present, China's valve industry enterprises need to pay attention to the problems. Our state-owned enterprises to focus on improving the institutional mechanisms, improve the modern enterprise system, and promote the healthy development of enterprises; private enterprises after 30 years of hard work has been great development, but to a step is not easy; in the current excess capacity, Industry enterprises based on sales development of intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the development of enterprise core technology, enhance product added value.