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Check Valve Flow Fluctuation Range
Oct 26, 2017

Check Valve Flow fluctuation range

Although the purpose of the check valve for compressive fluid piping is to minimize the impact of the valve flap, it can be selected according to a similar selection method for the non-compressible fluid check valve. However, the impact of a very large conveying pipe, its compressive medium may also become very impressive.

If the fluctuation range of the medium flow is large, a check valve for the compressed liquid may use a reduction gear. This device works during the entire valve movement of the closing member to prevent rapid and continuous hammering of its ends.

If the media flow continues to stop and start continuously, such as the outlet of the compressor, use a lift check valve. The lift check valve uses a lightweight valve that can withstand the spring load, and the lift of the valve is not high. In the case of

1, in order to prepare media giant flow, in the equipment, assembly and piping should be installed on the check valve;

2, check valve is generally suitable for clean media, should not be used for containing rigid particles and viscosity of the larger media;

3, generally in the nominal degree of 50mm through the pipeline should be used on the vertical landing check valve;

4, straight-through landing check valve in the degree of pipeline and vertical pipe can be installed;

5, the pump inlet pipe, should use the bottom valve, the end of the valve is generally only installed in the pump on the import of the pipeline, and the media from bottom to top flow;

6, the swing is better than the open-type seal, the mobility of large obstacles, horizontal equipment should be installed in the pipeline, vertical installed in the vertical pipeline;

7, swivel check valve installation location is not limited, it can be installed in the degree of vertical or inclined pipelines, such as installed in the vertical pipeline, the media flow to the bottom up;

8, swivel check valve should not be made into a small diameter valve, can be made into a very high task pressure, PN can reach 42MPa, while DN can also be done, the maximum can reach more than 2000mm. Depending on the material of the housing and the seal, any mission media and any mission temperature range can be used. Media for water, steam, gas, aggressive media, oil, drugs, and so on. Medium task temperature range between -196--800 ℃; 9, the use of places are low-pressure large diameter, while the installation site is limited by the limit;

10, butterfly check valve installation location is not limited, can be installed in the degree of pipeline, can also be installed in the vertical or inclined pipeline;

11, diagonal check valve is suitable for easy to issue a water attack on the pipeline, the gap can be a good way to eliminate the mass flow when the water hit, it is generally used in low pressure normal temperature pipeline, especially suitable for water pipes, general media tasks The temperature between -12 - 120 ℃, the task pressure <1.6MPa, but the barrier check valve can be larger diameter, DN can reach more than 2000mm;

12, spherical check valve suitable for low-pressure pipe, can be made into large diameter;