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Valves Fluid Control
Oct 17, 2017

Valves Fluid control

The valve industry is an important branch of our general machinery. Its products as a key equipment for fluid control is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, urban construction, environmental protection and other industries. At present, the valve production industry is in a very favorable development opportunity. This is because:

1, the state-owned economy sustained and stable development, investment in fixed assets gradually expanded, especially in several century project "West-East", "West to East" "South-North Water Diversion" and other projects need a lot of valve products.

2, with the WTO to join, reduce the barriers to international trade and developed countries to adjust the product structure, China is gradually becoming the world's largest processing plant this trend, the valve products processing production is facing greater room for development. So how to seize this strategic opportunity to accelerate the development of the valve industry. I believe that the following aspects from the following work: ①, and actively promote the joint reorganization between enterprises, as soon as possible to build a number of large-scale enterprise groups. Valve industry is currently about 5,000 production enterprises, annual sales income of more than 50 million only 7, more than one billion of three, more than 200 million yuan of a business did not. The domestic market share is only in the nuclear Su valve a company more than 2% of the remaining 1% or less. This type of enterprise is difficult to produce shock in the market, with the same industry, the international competition is even more difficult. To change this situation as soon as possible, in addition to their own growth factors, the most effective way is through the joint business, mergers and reorganization to achieve the expansion of capital to further expand the market share in the competition in an undefeated. This is the more popular practice in today's international economy, but also the direction of the future development of the valve industry. In this issue to emancipate the mind, in accordance with the 16th National Congress of the "reform to have new breakthroughs, the development of new ideas" to break the boundaries of the region, breaking the boundaries of ownership, breaking the traditional division of labor boundaries. Enterprises as long as there is a joint may be able to do bold to try, with 3 to 5 years to strive to create a number of output value of more than 500 million or 1 billion yuan of enterprise groups. ②, should pay attention to the adjustment of product structure, the courage to technological innovation, research and development of high value-added and the leading international level of products. China's valve industry has been able to produce more than 10 categories of products. Valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves, valves and so on, the maximum operating temperature of 570 ℃, the lowest 196 ℃, The maximum pressure of 600MPa, the maximum diameter of 5350MM. Although these products strongly support the domestic economic construction, but should be clear to see our products are mostly technical content or labor-intensive products, rarely with the international advanced level. Recently, the main line of the East-East Gas Pipeline tender, we lost all the valve business is a regrettable fact. Painful National industry to revitalize the valve industry to develop must be the implementation of technological innovation, adjust the product structure, to dare to research and development of high technological content, high value-added labor with international leading level of valve products such as control valves and automatic valve class control valve, three Through the flow wide, three-way diversion valve, safety valve; ball valve class of metal hard seal all welding, high-parameter large-caliber valve; and power plant supercritical C12? A alloy steel valve. The implementation of technological innovation research and development of new products have several roads, first, and institutions through scientific research institutions, such as the recent Kaifeng high-pressure valve factory and the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the "three-dimensional" company to develop the power plant boiler main steam control valve is a leading international level Of the products, the "pressure drop" much lower than the international standards in the power plant industry has very prospects; the second is the form of foreign cooperation or technology introduction, Zigong high pressure valve Co., Ltd. and Italy Simbelian cooperation to shorten our ball valve The gap between products and abroad. In addition to the above practice, qualified enterprises can independently develop.