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Check Valve Production Applications
Oct 17, 2017

Check Valve Production applications

Valves in the production of the application, we must pay attention to the sealing performance, lift check valve and folder check valve also need to pay attention to, like the lift check valve body and bonnet is sealed with a wound gasket Of the bolt flange connection, which is characterized by the main assembly and unloading is simple and convenient, and reliable.

If the length of the valve flap welding cost, if the cost of the premise, the need to improve the length of the welding, improved after the advantages of three: to meet the conditions of the guide, you can reduce the friction, so that it can be more convenient to open; Space to pressure relief; by improving not only for the product in favor, but also can save costs, this is the third advantage.

There is a sealed surface in the form of sealing from the surface seal to the line seal, this approach is because the spherical surface of the cone surface seal can not meet the expected sealing needs, so also need to use the reaming to dubbed Line seal, so that the product can meet the customer requirements of the sealing requirements.

Seal surface material valve design in the valve body and valve sealing surface is STL6, in these two although their application of the same material, but the hardness between them or there is a big difference, so that So that they have excellent wear resistance, anti-scratch performance, the use of good stability, so that you can prevent the emergence of the situation, better solve the practical problems. Check valve in accordance with the structure can be divided into lift check valve, swivel check valve and butterfly check valve three. The lift check valve can be divided into vertical check valve and horizontal check valve. Swing-type check valve is divided into single-valve check valve, double-valve check valve and multi-valve check valve three. Butterfly check valve for the straight-through check valve, the above several check valves in the form of connection can be divided into threaded connection check valve, flange connection check valve and welding check valve.

Swing check valve disc is disc-shaped, when working around the shaft of the shaft for the rotation of the shaft, because the valve channel into a streamlined, so the flow resistance than the lift check valve to be small. Suitable for some low flow rate and the flow is not changing the large aperture occasions.

The check valve of the lift check valve is a check valve that slides along the vertical centerline of the valve body. The lift check valve can only be installed on the horizontal pipe. The ball valve can be used on the high pressure small diameter check valve. The valve body of the lift check valve is shaped like a shut-off valve, so its fluid resistance coefficient is relatively large. Straight-through lift check valve medium inlet and outlet channel direction and the direction of the valve seat vertical, vertical lift check valve, its media inlet and outlet channel direction in the same direction of the valve seat, flow resistance than the straight to the smaller.

Butterfly check valve structure is relatively simple, can only be installed in the horizontal pipe, and sealing performance is relatively poor, so only the installation of some of the requirements of the situation is not high.