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Single Ferrule Fittings Installation Instructions
Mar 28, 2017

Single Ferrule Fittings Installation Instructions

Assembly Instruction

For proper assembly following assembly instruction shall be followed. Improper assembly may lead to malfunctions or impair safety.

Assembly in fitting body

For fitting material

1. Sae off tube square.

1/2˚angle tolerance to the tube axis is permissible. Tube cutter is not recommendable.

fitting material.jpg

2. Lightly remove chips and particles from the inside and outside cut edges of tube. Bevel up to 0.2mm × 45˚is permissible.

3. For tube bend, the minimum height from the straight pipe end to the bending radius must be at least twice the height of the nut.


4. Lubricate thread and cone of the fitting body, ring and thread of nut.

5. Slip nut and then ring onto the tube end.

Ensure that the ring is placed correctly.


6. Screw nut manually onto fitting body until finger tight. Hold the tube against the shoulder in the

cone of the fitting body.

7. Mark nut and tube for measuring the prescribed turns of the nut.


8. Tighten the nut 1 1/2 turns. Tube must not turn with tube. Stop edge of the ring limits 

over-tightening by increasing tightening torque.

Check & Final Assembly

9. Loosen nut and remove ring-mounted tube from fitting. And check if a visivle collar has 

formed on the pipe in front of the first cutting edge. If not, tighten slightly more.

10. Insert the pre-assembled tube into the fitting.

    While holding fitting body with a wrench, tighten nut approx. 1/2 revolution beyond the point of a clearly perceptible resistance.