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Double Ferrule Fittings Installation Instructions
Mar 31, 2017

        Installation descriptions: 1. The ferrule fittings with diameter below 25 mm, the below instructions not only apply for the traditional fittings, but also the advanced type with geometry form.

        Ferrule fittings above 1 in./25 mm. 1.Install the ferrules on the ferrule piping in advance via hydraulic pre-assembly device. 2.Coat some lubrication grease supplied together with the fittings on the threads of the body and back ferrules. Insert the ferrule piping with pre-assembled ferrules into the fitting,until the front ferrule is fixed to the fitting body; tighten the nut manually. 4. Mark the nut at position of 6. 5. Fix the fitting body firmly, tighten the nut by 1/2 circle and stop at the position of 12.Inspection: at first installation, inspect with the Gap Detection Ruler and ensure the fittings are fully tightened.Install again,it is allowed to disassemble and assemble the fittings many times. 

Notice: 1. Remove the system pressure first and then dismantle the ferrule fittings, 2.Do not use the "Gap Detection ruler" to the installed fittings.

tube fittings1.jpg

tube fittings2.jpg

tube fittings3.jpg

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