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Needle Valve Precise Adjustment Of The Valve
Aug 24, 2017

Needle Valve Precise adjustment of the valve

Needle valve is an important part of the instrument measuring pipeline system, mainly with cut-off valve and ball valve, its function is to open or cut off the pipe path. Needle valve has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly, fastening connection, favorable fireproof, explosion-proof and high pressure resistance, good sealing performance, etc. It is a kind of advanced connection way in power station, oil refining, chemical device and instrument measuring pipeline The

Needle valve sealing is good, long life, even if the sealing surface damage, only need to replace the vulnerable parts, you can continue to use. When installing the needle valve, the flow direction of the medium should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the valve body. Manual stop valve, ball valve can be installed in any position on the pipeline.

Needle valve is a precise adjustment of the valve can be used more widely, such as flame cutting with the pitch, adjust the flame temperature knob is the needle valve, instrument needle valve is the instrument measurement pipeline system, an important part of the main Stop valve and ball valve, its function is to open or cut off the pipe path.

Needle valve spool is a very sharp cone, as if the needle into the valve seat, hence the name. Needle valve shape than other types of valves can withstand greater pressure, good sealing performance, it is generally used for smaller flow, higher pressure gas or liquid medium seal. Needle valve with the pressure gauge with the use of the most appropriate, and the general needle-shaped valve are made of threaded connection.

Needle valve good regulation performance. Under normal circumstances, the adjustment range of the needle valve is in the range of 100 to 200, and the current market, a good point of the valve adjustment range is only reached 50.

Needle valve good flow performance. The flow path of the needle valve is in the form of through, so that the circulation of the medium is no longer required to bend, to a large extent reduce the possibility of deposition of the medium. So it is very suitable for high viscosity, suspension, pulp and other non-clean media sites.

Needle valve good cutting performance. One of the biggest features of the needle valve is that the contact between the spherical spool and the seat slopes is in the form of a wire contact, thereby reducing the contact surface and further reducing the leakage rate of the valve.