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Flanges Flange Connection
Aug 24, 2017

Flanges Flange connection

The valve is an indispensable equipment for the pipeline application in the concentrator, and is used for throttling and disconnection in various pipelines.

But the valve flange connection is essential, it is related to whether the pipeline is the problem of pulp leakage, flange link depends on whether the flange is to rely on the flange gasket. At present, the valve commonly used flange gasket has the following forms, in which the gap is also different:

1, wound gasket

In the valve link, the use of winding gasket to make the flange without a gap, may appear on the appearance of a gap, but the actual is no gap. The sealing effect of the wound gasket is achieved by the amount of compression of the valve body. The compression amount of the wound gasket is generally 0.8 to 1.2 mm. In the structural design of the compression washer, the thickness of the wound gasket is higher than the depth of the valve body 0.8 to 1.2mm, and when the two flanges of the flange are in close contact, the gasket is Within the specified range. In the working conditions, with the temperature changes, by the extension of the bolt to reduce the gasket sealing pressure, can rely on the resilience of the gasket to compensate, so as to ensure that the flange gasket does not leak.

The amount of gasket compression can also be used to control the bolt tightening force, the purpose is to ensure that the gasket is sufficient to seal the pressure and not to overload, in order to ensure the elasticity of the gasket. If you do not control the tightening force of the bolt, and its force is too large, the gasket due to plastic deformation and loss of resilience, and even damage the structure of the gasket. The use of control bolts tightening force to control the amount of gasket constraints, in the structural design can be to the winding gasket with a large degree of freedom of deformation. The flange of this structure may have a gap.

2, metal wave washer

The metal corrugated gasket is stamped or rolled onto the surface of the gasket by a soft steel having a thickness of about 0.8 mm and formed into a corrugated shape. After the gasket is pressed, the middle flange is sealed by the deformation of the crest. As the gasket is very thin, deformation of its thickness is only about 0.5mm, so do not see the flange has a clear gap, basically belong to no gaps.

3, flexible graphite composite gasket

Flexible graphite composite gasket in the middle of 0.5mm thick carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate, the upper and lower sides of the steel plate with a flexible graphite layer, the total thickness of about 3mm. This gasket has a certain degree of resilience after compression, and will not be due to excessive compression caused by the destruction of the gasket, so the flange there is a certain gap.