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The difference between electric control valve and pneumatic control valve and selection
Dec 04, 2017

With the rapid development of industrial automation in our country, the control valve has been widely used. It is mainly used to adjust the medium flow, pressure and liquid level and other parameters, plays a very important role! Control valve by the implementing agencies and the valve composed of two parts, usually divided into electric control valve, pneumatic control valve and self-regulating valve. So as the most commonly used electric control valve and pneumatic control valve, how to distinguish and choose it?

As the name suggests, the biggest difference between the two is that one is the use of power control, one is controlled by the gas source! Electric control valves use motors for power, while pneumatic control valves use compressed air for power. Fundamentally, there is not much difference, but the form of driving is not the same! Electric control valve with the basic error of up to 0.3% sensitivity, without the establishment of another gas source, not suitable for explosion-proof requirements of the occasion. The pneumatic control valve its basic error and sensitivity of 0.5%, but also to establish another gas station, but its intrinsic safety. Suitable for explosion-proof applications demanding occasions.

Electric control valve and pneumatic control valve selection:

1, from the price: the price of pneumatic control valve than the electric to be economical, just the gas source to do power!

2, from the application: Pneumatic valve need to configure the compressor and other equipment, the advantage of its own explosion-proof features, and maintenance is simple, low failure rate, so in the chemical industry, petrochemical and other industries, the use of much larger than the electric control valve.

3, from the running time: the action of the pneumatic control valve is relatively faster, but the need for a stable air supply, and electric control valve will be slower!

4, electric control valve control accuracy, there is electricity can be used, can bring a variety of related functions;

5, pneumatic control valve accuracy is low, the need for gas equipment, the need for signal conversion accessories.

6, electric control valve is mainly used in power plants or nuclear power plant, because in high-pressure water system requires a smooth, stable and slow process.

Electric control valve and pneumatic valve advantages and disadvantages:

(1) electric control valve advantages: good effect on the liquid medium and large diameter gas, free from the impact of the climate. Not affected by the pressure of air pressure. Disadvantages: high cost, not good in humid environment.

(2) Pneumatic valve advantages: good effect on the gas medium and small diameter liquid, low cost, easy maintenance. Disadvantages: By the impact of air pressure fluctuations in the northern winter vulnerable to air and water moisture effects, resulting in transmission part of the freeze, no action.

In summary, the difference between the two is a power, a gas, from the choice of speaking, the user should consider the problem is, according to the installation location, there is no air or power, switching speed requirements, to choose the right Valve type.