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Pneumatic valve model presentation means
Dec 04, 2017

Pneumatic gate valve with compressed air as the power source, through the stem up and down, driven gate in order to achieve the valve on and off, with reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, etc., has been widely used by petroleum, chemical, marine and other departments Control of various types of media. For the application of pneumatic gate valve, the structure and the material of the valve body, the user should be familiar with the description of the model of the pneumatic gate valve to avoid the problems of changing the goods and returning the wrong type, the wrong one and the unspecified technical parameters.

Pneumatic gate valve model description is mainly for gate valve additional conditions, driving methods, connection, structural features, sealing materials, pressure levels and body material and other aspects of a detailed explanation of other customized or special product model does not apply to the method , Need to explain separately.

Pneumatic valve model preparation methods:

Valve additional code: WZ bellows valve, DZ low temperature valve, NKZ vacuum valve, PZ knife gate valve;

Gate valve type that: Z;

Drive means: manual without code (usually omitted according to regulations), 2 electro-hydraulic, 3 worm, 5-bevel gear, 6 pneumatic, 9-electric;

Connection means: 4 flange connection, 6 welding, 7 pairs of clamps;

Structural forms that: 0 elastic gate, a Ming wedge single gate, 2- Ming wedge double gate, 3- parallel to the pole parallel to the single gate, 4- parallel rod parallel bars, 5 dark Wedge single gate, 6 dark wedge double gate, 7 parallel to a single dark shutter, 9 parallel to the dark double gate;

Sealing Material: W Body Direct Processing, T Alloy, X Rubber, F Fluoroplastic, H-Cr Stainless Steel, Y Carbide, M Monel;

Pressure level said: PN1.0-32Mpa, 16 = 1.6MPA said that the pressure of 16 kilograms, 150LB-1500LB said American standard pounds pressure, 5-63K said Japan-class pressure;

Body material: Z-gray cast iron, Q ductile iron, T-alloy, C-carbon steel, P stainless steel 304, R stainless steel 316, V chromium molybdenum vanadium steel.

Pneumatic valve model preparation instructions:

1,PZ: said knife gate valve;

2,6: means the transmission mode is pneumatic;

3,7: The connection method is the clip-on connection;

4,3: the structure of the rod parallel to the single-gate;

5,H: seal deputy material is stainless steel;

6,10: that the nominal pressure of 1.0MPa;

7,P: indicates that the valve body material is stainless steel.