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Frequently used terms
Aug 10, 2016

GB/T 1047-2005 standard, the nominal diameter of the valve is only a symbol, by the symbol "DN" and number combinations, valves of nominal size not representative of the actual aperture value, the actual diameter of the valve by the relevant requirements of the standard, generally measured value (in mm) not small Yu Gong size value of 95%. Nominal size metric (symbol: DN) and inch (symbol: NPS), national standard valve using the metric system, American standard valve for inch. Metric DN values are as follows:

Preferred DN values are as follows:

DN10,DN15,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40,DN50,DN65,DN80,DN100,DN125,DN150,DN200 ,DN250,DN300,DN350,DN400,DN450,DN500,DN600,DN700,DN800,DN900,DN1000,DN1100,DN1200,DN1400,DN1600, DN1800,DN2000,DN2200,DN2400,DN2600,DN3000,DN3200,DN3500,DN4000

GB/T 1048-2005 standard provides, valve of nominal pressure is a identifies, by symbol "PN" and digital of combination said, nominal pressure cannot application Yu calculation purpose, not representative valve of actual measurement value, nominal pressure of established purpose is simplified valve pressure of specifications number, in selection Shi, design units, and manufacturing units and using units are followed to this provides most near of data by of principles, nominal size of established is same purpose. -Nominal pressure of the European system and the American system. The nominal pressure is to use European standards in China. Specifications are as follows:

PN0.1,PN0.6,PN1.0,PN 2.5,PN6,PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63/64,PN100/110,PN150/160,PN260,PN320,PN420


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