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Application of Straight - seam Steel Pipe and Thick - wall Spiral Steel Pipe in Fluid Pipeline
Nov 28, 2017

The current power plant construction design will use a lot of fluid pipes, they need to be buried in the ground. This time will use a lot of straight seam steel pipe or spiral pipe. Because the straight seam and the spiral of the national standard can meet the normal fluid pipe to withstand the pressure of kilograms. And in terms of cost, straight seam pipe and spiral pipe prices are much lower than the seamless.

Spiral steel pipe and straight seam pipe buried in the underground before they need to do anti-corrosion treatment, and some buried underground water pipe diameter are relatively large, such as my company last month to do a list of 2220mm diameter, wall thickness 25mm large Thick-walled spiral pipe diameter. Divided into 3 meters into the well. This large-diameter spiral pipe and the same caliber, thickness of the straight seam pipe before doing anticorrosion treatment should be flat mouth, and then bevel, and finally do three cloth two anti-corrosion oil treatment. Flat mouth is mainly to make both ends of the tube flat, to prevent uneven mouth s-shaped connection in the process, while the bevel is mainly to facilitate welding.