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What Is Double Ferrule Tube Fitting?
May 05, 2017

    Double ferrule tube fitting consists of four parts: joint body, the former ferrule, the back ferrule and nut. Its working principle is to insert steel pipe into ferrule. Make use of ferrule nut locking resisting ferrule and then cut into tube for sealing.It don't need to be welded when it connects with steel pipe , which is benefit for fire protection , explosion , aerial work, and also can eliminate the disadvantages of welding inadvertently. So it is a more advanced pipeline fittings in oil refining, chemical, oil, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, instruments and meters system control devices. It is applied to oil, gas and water pipeline connection, etc.
    Double ferrule tube fitting has specialty in secure connection, ability to withstand voltage, high temperature resistance, sealing and good repeat-ability, convenient installation and safe and reliable work, etc.
Double ferrule tube fitting is characterized by connecting, compression ability and high temperature resistance. Applicable temperature ≤450.
    Double ferrule tube fitting is commonly made of stainless steel.Commonly used are SS304, SS316, duplex stainless steel and special stainless steel like Inconel , Monel,
 Hastelloy, etc.

The following are our main products of double ferrule tube fittings:

double ferrule tube fittings