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How To Maintain The Stainless Steel Ball Valve?
Apr 14, 2017

Stainless Steel Ball Valves and commonly used.They demand large quantity, and consumes fast, Therefore reasonable maintenance protection is required for the ball valves, which can not only improve the work proficiency, but also reduce the maintenance time and save the cost.


To make sure the stability, and life-expectancy of the ball valves, we need to pay attention to the following elements:

Before running, to clean the pipes and valve body with the water, in case any iron residues and other sundries flowing into the body.

When stainless ball valves are under close condition, the valve body still have left medium, and also bear some force.Before maintaining the ball valve,close the cut-off valve in front of the ball valve, and open the ball valve that needs to be maintained and fully open the inside pressure in the valve body. If it is electric ball valves or pneumatic ball valves,cut-off the power and air.

Common soft-seal ball valve adopts PTFE material. Hard-seal ball valve are welded by metal. If it is necessary to clean the ball valves, be careful in case the seal ring is damaged when dismantling.

When dismantling the ball valves, the bolts and nuts of the flange should be fixed, and then tighten all the nuts with force. If to fix the single nut first, then to fix other nuts, the flange faces shall be damaged, then it shall cause leakage.

The solvents for the valves shall not corrode the valves.If it is gas specialized ball valves, clean with gasoline, for other parts, clean with the water. When cleaning, clean completely the residues.If they can not be cleaned by water,it is possible to use the alcohol under the premise of not damaging the body and spare parts. Then install after the alcohol is vaporized.

If there is any small leakage when running, tighten the nuts, until the leakage is stopped.

If the valves are stored in open air, there will be rust in bodies and parts, so as not to be used commonly. So the storage of ball valves shall be rain-proof, moisture-proof, and cover the flanges. If the valves and stored over 12 months,retest when using, to ensure the stability.