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Flanges Used To Connect To
Sep 04, 2017

Flanges Used to connect to

Flanges are also known as flanges, which are usually used to connect a few fixed holes in the perimeter. It is widely used in machinery, in form and shape, as long as it is called flanges, from English. The medium in the middle of the pipe fitting is a ring that produces plastic deformation and has a certain strength. (there are also non-circular flange connections. Most gaskets are cut from non-metal plates, or are made by professional factories as required.

Flange cover also known as blind flange, blind plate. It is a flange with no hole in the middle to seal the pipe plug. The effect is the same as welding head and thread cap, except that the blind flange and silk buckle can be unloaded at any time, while welding seals are not. There are many types of sealing surface, including plane, convex surface, concave convex surface, mortise surface and ring joint.

The technical parameters of stainless steel flanges and forged flange products can be distinguished from the specific display of TCS - A single-layer electronic platform scale: single layer structure, integral panel; The junction box is built in, beautiful and generous; Using u-shaped cold bend steel welding, the scale strength is high; Finishing welding of plate or pattern plate; The structure is fastening and durable, the surface is treated by spray sand baking paint, and the resistance is strong.

I. product description:

The tcs-a-type single-layer electronic platform scale, with A newly designed steel structure bearing device, is equipped with four high-precision shear-beam weighing sensor and intelligent weighing display instrument to form weighing system. The system is of high accuracy, rapid measurement, stable and reliable work, and is an ideal weighing device for warehouse, workshop, yard, market, construction site, etc.

Ii. Product composition:

TCS - A single-layer electronic platform scale

Standard configuration: 1. High strength overall scale (optional 304 all-stainless steel structure)

2. High-precision cantilever beam weighing sensor

3. Intelligent ac and dc XK3190 series of xiangchuan

4. Full stainless steel flange surge junction box.

Optional: 1. Explosion-proof kit (EXIBIICT4 / CT5, EXIAIICT6)

2. Xk3190-a9p band printing instrument

3. Large screen display (3 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches)

4. Weighing management software

5. Surge power protector and UPS uninterrupted power supply

6. Anti-slip slope, easy to load up and down in any direction to the scale