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Flanges Leakage Of Flange
Sep 14, 2017

Flanges Leakage of flange

Common flange fault

In the continuous production of modern industry, flange is affected by the factors such as corrosion, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration and so on. Due to the error of sealing surface processing size, the aging of the sealing element and the improper installation and fixing are extremely easy to cause the leakage of the flange. Flange leakage problem, if not timely treatment under the scour of medium can make leakage expanded rapidly, resulting in loss of material, production environment, lead to stop production enterprise, cause huge economic losses. If it is toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive media leakage, and can cause people poisoning, fire explosion and other major accidents.

Traditional methods to solve the leakage of flange for the replacement of sealing components and daub sealing glue or replacement of the flange and pipe, but this method has a lot of limitations, and some leakage from the safety of working environment restriction and cannot solve the field. It is possible to use macromolecular composite materials to carry out the field plugging. It is an ideal method, especially in flammable and explosive situations, which shows its unique superiority. Polymer composite technology construction technology is simple, safe, and low cost, and can solve the problem of most of the leakage of flange to the enterprises, eliminate safety hidden trouble, save more maintenance cost for the enterprise. Flange (flange) connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, fixed on a flange, a first between the two flanges, plus the flange gasket, bolt fastening together, complete the connection. Some pipe fittings and equipment already own flanges, also belong to flange connection. Flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction. Flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure. Flange connections are widely used in industrial pipelines. In the family, the pipe diameter is small, and is low pressure, see no flange connection. If in a boiler room or production site, there are all flanged pipes and equipment.

1, according to the connection flange connection type can be divided into: plate flat welding flange, with flat welding neck flange, butt welding neck flange, socket welding flange, threaded flange, flange cover, with neck butt welding ring flange, ring flat welding flange come loose, ring groove surface flange, flange cover, large diameter plate flange, large diameter high blind flange, butt welding neck flange, eight words ring flange, etc.