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Disassembly Of Flanges Or Valve Draining Is A Routine Work In Chemical Industry
Jan 30, 2018

Disassembly of flanges or valve draining is a routine work in chemical industry. We should understand the hidden dangers of this job before we work:

1. A liquid or gas spatter, scalding yourself or around a colleague

2. The heavy fall, injured

3. Peripheral obstacle bruise

We need to understand that any accidents that are not prevented will happen. Any accidents that happen will become a major injury. Those three simple dangers are in daily life.

We need to take active measures in view of the hidden dangers we expect:

1. Remove the flange, regardless of whether there is a medium, we must start from our opposite remove flange, flange to ensure the first opening direction without other colleagues or electrical equipment; two people must ensure the coordination between the first flange opening is not the staff of the valve; when discharging liquid, opening the valve to ensure that no personnel.

2. Wear protective cover to stop wearing or wearing only eyepiece

3. Before working, we need to be familiar with the working environment and avoid collisions with the surrounding obstacles in the process of operation. Besides, entry safety helmets must be worn, and no wear or wear is required.

Enter the territory must wear anti-static work shoes, avoid in the process of operation fall off or accidentally injured companion flange.