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Development Of Valve Industry In China - Seven Most
Nov 28, 2017

Relevant data show that the status quo of China's valve industry available seven "most" summary available five "most" summary: the largest volume of valve manufacturing countries; valve manufacturers most countries; valve industry, the fastest-growing countries; valve prices One of the lowest in the country; one of the best valve repair service countries; one of the fastest valve quality improvement countries; one of the countries with the most high-end valve imports. The largest valve manufacturing country.

It is understood that there are 1543 valve enterprises in China with an annual sales income of more than 20 million yuan, of which, there are 509 in Zhejiang Province and 272 in Jiangsu Province.

At present, China's valve export delivery value of about one year more than 300 billion yuan, some products have also been recognized by international buyers. However, it needs to be noted that there are 160 billion yuan in the more than 30 billion yuan contributed by foreign-funded enterprises. After these products are manufactured in China, they are sold back and their exports account for more than half of China's total exports. The remaining 100 billion yuan is our local exports, the region also mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province in two regions.

According to the introduction of the industry, the quality of valve products in China is improving and the technological progress is fast. Chinese products are now gradually recognized by large oil companies in the world, including gradually recognizing users in other energy fields. However, on the whole, China's valve enterprises are still relatively poor in international competitiveness.

Most of the valve products used in China's now-run nuclear power plants are made in China. Long-distance pipeline high-pressure large-diameter valves can be supplied, there are several domestic enterprises fully equipped with full supply capabilities. Many valves inside the oil refining, but also completely made in China. However, cryogenic valves, especially LNG ball valves, are now weak in domestic supporting capacity. In all of Sinopec's LNG projects, gate valves, globe valves and check valves can all be matched on a domestic basis, but high-pressure ball valves, especially large-diameter high-pressure ball valves, still need to be imported.

The healthy development of our valve companies can not simply pursue the number of scale, but should strive to shape the brand, vigorously promote independent innovation, so as to truly improve their core competitiveness. At present, low-end valve production is moving to China and other developing countries, more and more foreign users consider making in China. At the same time, domestic users' supply chain management is becoming more and more international. For the enterprise's own long-term development, internationalization is the only way. This includes the organizational structure of enterprises and international standards, marketing channels to be international, product design and quality management with international standards, and enhance the international after-sales service and overseas crisis management capabilities.