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Cable Cleats Appearance Requirements
Jun 30, 2017

Cable Cleats Appearance requirements

Mine cable splint with polymer modified composite materials, high strength, impact resistance, anti-flame retardant, anti-friction, good toughness. The product can better protect the shearer cable and water pipe.

Can be widely used in the composition of the drum shearer drag and protect the power supply cable and the water pipe of the towing device. Cable gripper appearance requirements: the surface should be smooth, smooth, covered with non-metallic materials shall not be exposed to the surface of steel. Cable clamp in series should be flexible after bending, bending freely, bending angle should meet the technical requirements of the drawings. Impact: cable clamp according to the provisions of MT / T117-2007 test, should be able to withstand the provisions of the anti-smashing impact energy, to withstand the impact of the cable splint should not be broken.

The cable clamp is composed of a clip body, a spring, a pin and a switch pin. The upper and lower sides of the clip body are provided with a guide groove. The four ends of the guide groove are connected with four corresponding square holes. The side is a two parallel connection plate, the other side has a coupling plate, in each connection plate are open with the same aperture hole. Its clip body uses a steel plate as the skeleton, the surface of the nylon material made of shape, the shape is the center of the traction asymmetric H-type structure. Cable clamp fixed cable and water pipe method is to use a spring lock to achieve the way. The utility model is suitable for use in high-grade general mining and fully mechanized mining.

Scientific research, the existing remote control equipment bold transformation, through the transformation of the end of the station and break up, break down six buttons, to achieve a full range of coal control remote control command. After the transformation, the new remote control system is divided into two parts of the launch command and receive, the effective remote control range can reach 10 meters.

From January to July 2013, the investment in fixed assets of the coal industry reached RMB258.9 billion, down 1.6% year-on-year. Coal machine business sales situation is generally poor, to coal energy coal machine equipment, for example, 1-7 months output value of 3.87 billion yuan, down 27.5%. The world science and technology to rely on design, engineering, equipment, services and other integrated operating capacity, the order remained stable.

The main branch and the branch line are connected by a branch connection body. The branch joint connector adopts a high conductivity conductive annealed flat circular copper connection body, and the intermittent closed type peeling and crimping , Has a good waterproof, moisture, dustproof performance.

We choose mine cable splint more time, use to pay attention to a lot of joint matters. Cable plywood more use of new development prospects, to solve more development above to pay attention to the regularity.

Buy cable clamp connector to look at the price: because the quality of low-cost wire to do the system is very low, so often inexpensive as a child sales, people fooled. Buy wire and cable to consider its use, usually according to the size of the power received with the power of the wire, and then select the size of the current wire size, wire and cable products and the vast number of consumers have a close relationship between life, Poor, safe or not directly affect the vast number of consumers of personal and property safety, therefore, the correct purchase of wire and cable is very important.

As long as we understand the cable splint in the connector to pay attention to the 3:00, we later in the choice of cable splint and the use of cable splint connector will not be so blind to do, from the above we can clearly understand the cable plywood all the precautions And hope that hope can give you help!