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“Belt And Road” Increase The Development Of Fluid Equipment
Jun 02, 2017

    The " Belt And Road" has accelerated the pattern of international market, the instruments &meter and other manufacturing industries as the foundation of the national economy, will also meet new opportunities and challenges.

    All kinds liquid control meter and flow control meter which used to measure in fluid equipment play an important role during the process of energy develop and transportation, such as oil and natural gas. Industries such as petroleum, natural gas and coalbed methane development also determines the development of petroleum equipment industry.

    The implementation of the "Belt And Road" strategy provides the potential for export of equipment such as liquid control meter and flow control meter. In recent years, the export amount of liquid flow rate, liquid level instruments is increasing, in September 1, 2016, China export 15.9597 million liquid flow control instruments, increased 4.5575 million than last year. With the oil and gas resources exploration, and transport corridor construction linked to the "Belt And Road", we firmly believe that this figure will continue to rise.