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Whether the need to install the bypass valve valve principle and settings
Dec 02, 2017

Occasionally we will see some of the relatively large valves in some of our pipelines and will always install bypass valves. What exactly is this? What is its main role? Under what circumstances need to install? And the corresponding equipment bypass valve caliber is the size?

In fact, set up a bypass valve in the pipeline, its role, in general, can be divided into two main points: First, play a protective role (balance the pressure at both ends), and second, emergency standby!

First,Protection, can also be said to be a protective valve on the main measures to prevent due to the valve before and after the pressure is too large, causing the opening resistance, the valve is not good to open, especially in some large caliber or high pressure pipeline. High-pressure pipeline opened before bypass pressure relief valve to prevent sudden influx of high pressure, the impact of the pipeline under the valve. Or the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is too large, open torque is too large, in order to avoid damage to the valve torque, bypass pressure relief and then open the valve.

Second, the emergency function, as a backup pipeline to use, the biggest advantage is that when the main valve fails, or when maintenance is required, you can open the bypass valve circulation, and does not affect the normal production.

Valve need to install the bypass valve of the specific requirements and settings: (for reference only)

2.5MPa grade, DN400 above; 4.0MPa grade, DN250 above; 6.4MPa grade, DN200 above; 10MPa grade, DN150 above

DN100 ~ DN200 valves, the bypass and bypass valves for the DN20; DN250 ~ DN600 valves, the bypass and bypass valves for the DN25; DN600 above the valve, the bypass and bypass valve for the DN40.