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Self-operated flow control valve works
Dec 04, 2017

Self-operated flow control valve with a set of flow control valves and actuators, according to the set value of the automatic adjustment, the main response to the controlled flow once set, the occasional change (adjustment) of the occasion, it Set detection, control, perform many functions in a valve, since the formation of a separate instrument control system. Self-operated flow control valve with pressure balancing mechanism, responsive, accurate control, allowing pressure, suitable for non-corrosive liquids, flow control in the system of pipes, should be selected according to the actual situation, when the valve is selected, After the pressure difference is greater than the effective pressure.

Self-operated flow control valve A certain flow of medium through the restrictor caused by the pressure, the pressure difference through the pulse tube on the control diaphragm. The pressure differential (flow restrictor differential pressure) and flow rate are limited by the built-in control spring. Controlled media input valve, the pressure before the valve P1 through the control line into the lower chamber, the pressure throttling throttle Ps into the membrane chamber, P1 pressure difference in Ps that △ Ps = P1-Ps is called valid pressure. P1 acting on the diaphragm thrust and Ps acting on the diaphragm thrust difference and the balance of spring reaction to determine the relative position of the valve core and valve seat to determine the flow through the valve.

When the flow through the valve increases, that is, △ Ps increase, the results of P1, Ps were applied to the upper and lower membrane chamber, the valve core to move toward the valve seat, thus changing the flow area between the valve core and valve seat, Ps increase, increase the role of Ps on the diaphragm thrust plus spring reaction force with the role of P1 on the diaphragm in the new balance to achieve the purpose of controlling the flow rate. Anyway, empathy. Set the flow of controlled media to adjust the relative position of the throttle and valve seat to determine.